RADWAR Party 2010 Picture Gallery

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Thanks to everyone attending our 25th anniversary party "Radwar 2010".
It was great fun !!!

The official results of the Videogame Competition:

Qualification Round "Pac-Man"

  1. 6460 Points - Montezuma / TRSI
  2. 5960 Points - ZAZ / TWG
  3. 5520 Points - Zeron / Factor 5
worst Player: 1430 Points - AVH / Radwar

Final Round "Street Fighter 2" (round of last 8 - PvP)

Winner: Mario "Hawkeye" van Zeist - Boys without Brains
2nd Place: Zeron / Factor 5

Very Special Thanks to Wolfsoft GmbH for the Arcade machine

begin 19:00
Disco "In Vincula"
Boos-Fremery-Straße 48
52525 Heinsberg

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The prices (Books, Magazines and CDs) for the Videogame-Competition are proudly provided by:



  • Beginn 19:00 - entry cost 7,00 Euro
    (if there are already enough people, we will be able to enter at 18:00 or 17:00)

  • Arcade Video Game Competion
    (Arcade Machines kindly provided by Wolfsoft GmbH and US-Way)

  • 2 floors for music with Rock, Indie and Metal
    Special lounge area with more seating and less music
    Open air area (if weather permits)

  • Autograph Session with "Factor 5" ;-)


List of Hotels

We got several mails asking for hotels or B&B.
The (german) website has quite a good listing of hotels in the vicinity (Heinsberg / Dremmen / Oberbruch / Porselen / Ratheim)

Here are some (without ranking):
Hotel Hansen
Hotel Corsten
Gästehaus Sarah
Gasthaus Jägerhof
Haus Nobis +49 (0)24 52 - 6 45 78


The Party location is confirmed!

The party will be held at the Disco "
In Vincula" , formerly known as "La Quinta" or "Renzo" where we held several Radwar Parties! So this is "Back to the Roots".

In Vincula
Boos-Fremery-Straße 48
52525 Heinsberg

for driving directions look at:



We are proud to announce the last (?) big Radwar Event of the millenium. Join us on the 23th Oct 2010 and celebrate the 25th anniversary of Radwar!

At the moment we are still checking the final location, but we are trying to get access to the former "Renzo" once again. Stay tuned and spread the word!

If you have questions or suggestions please contact us:


Sourcecode of C64 Speech Synthesis released

Formant - a speech synthesis program for the C64 (c) 2007 Radwar Enterprises

We released the source code of our C64 Speech Synthesis Routine.

Get it from our Download-Area !


RADWAR-Demo "Lautschrift" ranked #5 at Breakpoint 2007

The C64-4k-Competition was cancelled because there weren't enough entries. So we decided to compete in the "normal" C64-Demo-Category but we only achieved rank #5.


Meet RADWAR at Breakpoint 2007

We will release our Party Invitation Demo at Breakpoint. It will be shown on Saturday at 16:00 during the C64 4k Competition. Be prepared!